Yakutskaya Laika

Yakutskaya Laika

FCI Non-recognized Breed

Conventional Classification

FCI Group V: Spitz and primitive types

Section 1: Nordic Sledge Dogs

UTILITY – sledge dog, hunting dog, without working trial


A dog riding has been an important part of the northern people life during centuries.

In the beginning of the 20-th century the remains of a hunting place, sledges, and well-preserved bones of dogs, dated by 7800-8000 years old were discovered in Yakutia. The first written reference about the sledge dogs, which live in Yakutia dates back to 1635.In Russia since the 17-th century all the northern military campaign were held with participation of sledge dogs.The dogs of the breed were used by the group of Chelyuskin and Laptev in the Great Northern Expedition in 1735-1740.

Ivan Gorlov made a valuable contribution to the description of the breed, and published a book about Northern husky in 1850.

Yakutskaya Laika has a well developed coat, it should be sufficient for living and working in the harsh arctic conditions. It is a strong, medium size, compact dog. Yakutskaya Laika is brave, active, friendly, sociable dog with fine temperament.