Veterinary control


Veterinary Rules for Participants from other countries:

Dogs must be:

*   clinically healthy (It must be a stamp that dog is clinically healthy in pet passport).

*   vaccinated against Rabies, Canine distemper, not less than 21 day before the trip, vaccination valid for a year from a date of vaccination. Information about vaccination has to be written in pet passport and pet passport is enought to enter Russia.

*   identified by microchip or a clearly readable tattoo (animal identification by tattoo is valid, only if it is clearly readable and it can be proved that it was done before 3rd July 2011).

Rules of import of animals into the Russian Federation published here
Dear participants of the World Dog Show!
You will come to the region where there is a great risk of getting the babesiosis from a tick bite. That is why you need to treat your dogs before flying to Moscow. Throughout the World Dog Show-2016, please, inspect your dogs after a walk.
Also we earnestly recommend you to treat your dogs against mosquitos, because there is a risk of dirofilaria infection. Therefore it is recommended to give the dogs the anthelmintic drugs against Dirofilaria as before the trip and after coming back to home.
There will be veterinarians on duty and they will monitor the health of dogs during the whole World Dog Show.
Remember, please, about the precautionary measures and protect the health of your dogs.
We appreciate your understanding and we are hope for the absence of diseases among the dogs during the World Dog Show.