Russian Borzoi

FCI-Standard N° 193
Group 10 Sighthounds.
Section 1 Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds.
Without working trial.
UTILIZATION: Hunting sighthound, racing and coursing hound.
The Russian Hunting Sighthound is a real legend, the beauty and pride of the national breeding! There are different theories of the origin of this breed. The first images of Russian Borzoi are considered the frescoes in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev that appeared in the XIII century. However, the written sources indicate that the first representatives of the breed appeared only in the XVII century.
The Russian Borzoi Dogs were and are very much appreciated for the excellent hunting skills, they hunt by sight and have aggressive behavior, endurance and capacity to develop a huge speed, especially in the chase for short distances.
From the past until the present time the appearance of Russian Borzoi is the symbol of elegance and impeccable style. This dog has always inspired the artists of Fine Arts to create paintings, sculptures and poetry in praise of its beauty.
Dog of aristocratic appearance, of large size, of lean and at the same time robust constitution with graceful head, clever eyes and luxurious curly hair – the image of Russian Borzoi is recognizable and mysterious, simple and versatile.