Rui Oliveira (Portugal)

I start showing my fathers Pointers in 1974.I developed more and more my interest in pedigree dogs since than.We made up champions in many different Countries so as in Portugal under the Vale Carvoeiro prefix and I became judge in 1984.Nowadays I’m an all breed FCI judge and have officiated in almost all Countries in Europe,Israel,Canada,Mexico,Equador,,Colombia, Chili,Argentina,Puerto Rico and Brazil also China,Thailand,India,japan,Philipines,Indonesia Australia and NZ in Africa have judged in Kenia.Have been appointed as BIS judge at Melbourne Royal show 2015.Have officiated at many World and European dog shows and I’m also recognized by the KC (UK) to award CCs in several breeds.Apointed for Crufts 2016(Pointers) have judged in the UK at Leeds,Blackpool,Bath,Birmingham National,City of Birmingham,Richmond,Gundog breeds of Scotland,Cocker club of Scotland the Pointer club and the Southern pointer club. Member of the judges committee and technical committee at the port kennel club.