Marija Kavcic (Slovenia)

My first really personally owned dog was a Rough Collie back in 1967, five years later I was already a judge. It was during my student years, and I was first female judge in Slovenia back in 1973. I have been an All-Round judge for about 10 years now and have judged in most countries of the world. Together with my housband Blaž I have been breeding Collies, Akitas and am still active in Samoyeds, where Anatina prefix has been established internationally with numerous multichampions bred in our kennel. I have been active in expert and organizational activities of the Cynological Association of Slovenia, where I am mostly engaged in expert activities for shows and in breeding committies. Professionally, I hold a degree in pharmaceutics and have been active in our small familiy business.
During the past 3 years I have judged the following major shows: Asia and Pacific 2014 Section Show in Tokyo, VDH-Europasieger 2014, EDS Geneva 2013, Grand Prix Budapest 2013, WDS Salzburg 2012, Rossia 2012, Championship Helsinki 2010, Tokyo 2010 and other shows in Slovenia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, San Marino, Slovakia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and others. I have confirmed invitations for EDS Brno 2014, WDS Milano 2015 and WDS Moscow 2016. Have judged special shows for Rough Collies, Bearded Collies, Bobtails, Shelties, Corgies, Briards, Groenendaels, Tervuerens, Laekenois, Newfoundlands, Tibetan Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain dogs, Schnauzers, Molossoids, Samoyeds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Basset Hounds, Sight Hounds, and others.