Registration on the RKF webpage

  1. Enter the website
  2. Choose the item “Dog Show Registration”
  3. Fill in the registration form (Name, Surname, Password, Email)

After you have filled in your registration form, you will receive a letter on your email address. Please, follow the link in the email letter to confirm and activate your user account.

  1. Please, click on “Complete the registration and continue the dog registration”

Your personal user account has been created on the RKF webpage. With the help of your user account, you can register your dogs for participation in the RKF Dog Shows.

If you want to register your dog, please create an Application Form.

Application Form

  1. In your user account choose the item “Application Form”

To create a new Application Form choose WORLD DOG SHOW 2016 in the list and click on “Register”

  1. To add the dog to the Application Form, click on “Add a dog”.
  2. If the dog was registered before, then you can choose the dog in the list and edit the Application Form.
  • To add a payment document, click on “Add a receipt”
  1. If the payment document was added before, then you can choose the line “Payment document” and edit your receipt.

Information about a dog

You can register one or several dogs in one Application Form.

Information about a dog.

  1. Breed
    Choose in the list the breed of your dog according to the Pedigree.
    1. You can type the first letters of your breed to speed the search.
  1. Sex
    Choose the sex of your dog
  1. Name
    Enter your dog’s name according to the Pedigree or the Puppy Card
  2. Tattoo
    Enter your dog’s tattoo
  3. Pedigree number
    Enter your dog’s pedigree number
    It is necessary to add a copy of your dog’s Pedigree or Puppy Card.

Files: jpg, png, pdf, gif, bmp, not more than 8 Mb


  1. Date of Birth
    Choose the date of birth of your dog in the calendar according to the Pedigree or the Puppy Card.
  2. Class
    ВChoose the class in the list to register your dog. The date that identifies the age of your dog is the first day of the show.
    1. Baby class (minor puppy) from 3-6 months
    2. Puppy class (puppy) from 6-9 months
    3. Junior class (junior) from 9-18 months
    4. Intermediate class (intermediate) from 15-24 months
    5. Open class (open) from 15 months
    6. Working class (working) from 15 months
      To register the dog in the working class, you have to add FCI working certificate.
    7. Champion class (champion) from 15 months.
      Please add one Champion Certificate or Champion Diploma of a country FCI member or AKC, KC, CKC or FCI International Beauty Championship.
    8. Veteran class (veteran) from 8 years.
  • Files: jpg, png, pdf, gif, bmp, not more than 8 Mb.

Name of Sire
Enter the name of your dog’s Sire

  1. Name of Dam
    Enter the name of your dog’s Dam.


  1. Breeder
    Enter Name and Surname of your dog’s breeder
  2. Owner
    Enter Name and Surname of your dog’s owner
  3. Telephone
    Enter your contact telephone number
  4. E-mail
    Enter your email address


  1. Country
    Choose a country in the list.
  2. City
    Choose your city
  3. Address
    Enter your address including postcode, street, building number, apartment number.

Payment Details

Payment by card

Enter the amount of payment and choose the currency.

Choose your type of the card

Fill in your card details, and click “Confirm”
1.    Input your card number
2.    Input the date of valid 
3.    Input your Name and last name 
4.    Input your CCV code from back side of your card

Payment by a receipt

You can add one or several documents of payment (in case the first payment was not complete).

The full package of scanned copies of payment documents including the copy of receipt of voluntary contribution has to be sent to the RKF according to the payment schedule mentioned in the table below. Registration for participation in the Dog Show can be completed in case of following this rule.


Attach a copy of receipt (payment document)
Files: jpg, png, pdf, gif, bmp, not more than 8 Mb

  1. Date of payment
    Choose the date of payment in the calendar
  2. Amount of payment
    Enter the amount of payment mentioned in your receipt.
  3. Details of payment
    Enter the details of payment from the receipt.
  4. Confirm that the information in the filled lines corresponds to the original receipt.
    Put a tick “I confirm that the information in the filled lines corresponds to the original receipt”.

Submit the application to the RKF

    Add your comments to the application, if it is necessary.


  1. Put a tick “I agree with the RKF Show Regulations”.
  1. Click on “Send to the RKF”
  2. If not all the lines were filled in, the system will show you the sign, for example “Information about a dog was completed incorrectly”. In this case, you have to return to your Application and edit the highlighted lines.


After you have filled in all the lines correctly, you will see “Sent to the RKF”. And the Application will be available for the operator (from this moment you can’t modify your application).

Operator will check all the information. Then the status of your Application Form will become “Confirmed”.

Application Form Status History

2015-06-25 19:18:35, Пользователь/User: Иван Иванов. Статус заявки/Request state: подтверждена/confirmed.


If some information was incorrect, the operator will return your application with notification “Incomplete”. In this case, open the Application Form, read the operator’s comments in the “Application Form Status History”. Then modify your Application Form and send it back to the RKF.