HTM and Freestyle


On 23-26 June Dog Dance World Championship will be held in the framework of World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow. The competitions will include HTM and Freestyle.

More than 80 dogs and their owners from over 10 countries will take part in the competitions in order to get World Champion title in both individual and team scoring!

Among the judging committee, there will be famous sportsmen, experienced judges from the UK, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands. For the first time one of the judges will be a Russian representative.

During 2 days the team competitions will take place. On the last day there will be final competitions where the World Champions will be chosen from 10 best couples!

Список судей на ЧМ по танцам с собаками:

Debra Benard (France)

Karen Elizabeth Sykes (UK)

Milja Johanna Saariluoma (Finland)

Esther Suzanne Niemeijer (Netherlands)

Olga Kuzina (Russia) 


Link to the official site of Dog Dance World Championship 2016: