Galina Kirkitskaya. Russia
FCI judge and examiner. 
She started dog breeding when she was 14 years old. East European Shepherd was her first breed. She has served as an animal technician in the kennel named Krasnaya Zvezda. She started her career as a judge in the Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army and has 25 years of experience. 
She has been asked to judge in the USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.
Galina Kirkitskaya is an irreplaceable president of Caucasian Shepherd national  kennel club, vice-president of Caucasian Shepherd international  kennel club. 
She breeds Caucasian Shepherds and Keeshond (German Wolfspitz) in her own kennel Russky Medved.