Chukotskaya Sledge Dog

Chukotskaya Sledge Dog (Chukotskaya ezdovaya sobaka)

FCI Non-recognized Breed

Conventional Classification

FCI Group V: Spitz and primitive types

Section 1: Nordic Sledge Dogs

UTILITY – sledge dog, companion dog, without working trial

The Chukotskaya Sledge Dog is a native aboriginal breed, which was bred by the population of the Far Northeast Asia. The dogs of this breed are adapted to the harsh climate of the Arctic and are easy in keeping.

The Chukotskaya Sledge Dog is highly valued as a sledge dog, easy and well trained and it keeps the skills for a long time.

These dogs are indispensable for riding on the surface of the sea ice and mountain tundra. Most of the representatives of this breed live in the villages of the Chukchi Peninsula, where they hunt for sea mammals. The Chukotskaya Sledge Dog is an important and reliable dog, which is indispensable for native people of the region to move on the long distances.