The accreditation of Mass Media for covering the World Dog Show - 2016  is open. The accreditation of private fotographers is already closed.

You can apply by email: (in the subject of the email you should indicate “Accreditation for the WDS-2016”) or by phone: +7(495)482-15-22.

The Regulations of the Photo Survey during the World Dog Show
Regulations of the Photo Survey in the Main ring:
1. Only certified photographers are allowed to the main ring. They will be given badges at the Media registration counter.  
2. At the center of the ring a special area will be opening for 30 seconds after each Best. 
3. At the close of these 30 seconds photographers must leave the main ring and wait beyond the ring area until the next opening period, when shooting is allowed.
Regulations of the Photo Survey in the Working ring:
1. Only certified photographers with badges, given at the media registration counter are allowed to take photos.
2. Photographers are allowed to stay at the rings and special areas around the perimeter throughout the whole event, so that they don’t cause an obstruction during the expertise process. 
3. All photographers will stay under the supervision of ring stewards and an expert. In case the expert asks to leave the ring, photographers should immediately comply. 
In case of inconsistency with the CACIB photo session rules, during the CACIB Dog Show upon the  requisition of the organizing committee, photographers might be removed  from the venue by the security  over the whole period of the event.