About WDS

  1.         Vince Hogan (‎OurDogs magazine) on Brussels Winner-2015 with WDS-2016 booklet.


  2.     The interview of Mr. Aleksandr Inshakov RKF President to OUR DOGS magazine


  3.      The reference to the upcoming World Dog Show 2016 in the program "Simple Solutions" on Channel "Moscow 24" http://tv.m24.ru/videos/88741


  4. M24.RU     Interview with Alexander Inshakov about the World Dog Show 2016, about RKF, the love of dogs and much more for TV Channel "Moscow" in the program "Night Talk"  http://www.m24.ru/videos/99027


  5. Главная     Russian tourist portal TRIP2RUS.RU http://www.trip2rus.ru/event/4042


  6. RusPet     Informational and analytical portal «RusPet» http://ruspet.info/?p=2628


  7. The newspaper “NotaBen@” 


  8. Картинки по запросу риановости логотип     RIA-Novosti http://ria.ru/society/20150629/1101712667.html


  9.      http://xn--80aaahbbpcoeko0allpabhb4cse5j.xn--p1ai/?p=7897 


  10. The Article of Juha Kares, a judge from Finland, about the RKF and the forthcoming World Dog Show 2016 http://chicchoix.com/blog/?p=3485